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Considering how many of our days are spent working, life is simply better when the work is meaningful, challenging, and accomplished with people who share one’s sense of joy and purpose. At CPM, we work collaboratively. Everyone has a say—and everyone is heard. We keep our doors open and strive first to understand.


We believe education is a path, not a destination. We have made personal and professional development an integral part of our culture. When our people thrive, our business and our clients also prosper.


Though we’re serious about producing great results, we believe fun and laughter are necessary ingredients for a great work environment. Throughout the year we host company-wide events to celebrate successes, holidays, or simply enjoy each other’s company; we share responsibility and pride in our work.


And at the end of the day, we leave our CPM family and join our families at home. We believe striking a balance between those two worlds is essential for a company with employees who wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.


Personal & Professional Development


At one time or another, we’ve all been put in a position where the only thing that resembles training is a steep on-the-job learning curve. It’s frustrating for the employee and it’s a guarantee the same mistakes will be made with each new hire. Continuous personal and professional development is instrumental in keeping our edge sharp, our clients well-served and our employees fulfilled.


To that end, we instituted CPM Academy, a structured training program with a broad range of core and elective topics. All employees take part in foundational technical training as well as courses that cover effective communication and business practices. As long as you work at CPM, you’ll have plenty of room to grow.


Interested in becoming part of the CPM team? We offer competitive wages, excellent benefits, and fabulous perks. To be considered for an available position send us your resume today.


CPM is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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