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Las Lomitas Elementary School District


Lease-Leaseback (LLB)  Contractor

In December of 2020, the Governing Board of the Las Lomitas Elementary School District sought to establish a pool of pre-qualified providers of Lease-Leaseback construction services to provide construction related services for multiple projects at the District’s La Entrada Middle School and Las Lomitas Elementary School sites. 


Mandatory Prequalification in compliance with Public Contract Code section 20111.6 was required for this Program. Therefore, Respondents were prequalified prior to submitting their proposals for this Program.


The resulting RFP and its responses were reviewed, interviews were held and the District has established the pool of qualified LLB Entities, mainly, XL Construction Inc., and Beals Martin Inc.

MEP Subcontractors

The District requires that all MEP contractors that bid on upcoming modernization work be pre-qualified. To do so, an interested party is required to contact Alex Passeggi ( or Austin Slayday ( with XL Construction.


You can find more information at the following link (XL Construction website): Trade Partners | XL Construction.

LLESD Statement on Diversity

On March 8, 2017, the LLESD Board of Trustees adopted a Diversity and Inclusion Statement that details the Districts commitment to diversity and inclusion. The full text of the statement can be found on the home page of the Districts website (


1011 Altschul Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

650.854.6311 Phone

Accessibility | Non-Discrimination | Title IX

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