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About CPM

Mike Wassermann



Capital Program Management, founded in 1999, specializes as the Owner's Representative in planning and executing  capital outlay programs for public and institutional clients. We meticulously plan, budget, schedule, collaborate, report and manage countless interwoven threads. We help our clients spend funds wisely and fulfill the promise they’ve made to their stakeholders.


We know design and we know construction, but what makes us unique is our focus on the planning that comes before design and construction begin. As a result, we can offer the expertise of seasoned specialists and the independence to recommend a multitude of options that will best suit your needs.

CPM Practices

CPM comprises four integrated practices to support its clients’ consulting needs, including:

The original Planning and Program / Project Management Practice, is rooted in California K-12 school and community college districts, with public works and institutional facility projects of all types, including master planning.

The Construction Management Practice, with a combined experience of over 50+ years, CPM provides these services and ensures that each project is delivered with the highest quality of management expertise;  on time, within budget and safely, with minimal disruption to community and staff.

The Budget and Accounting Practice, started in early 2000 in response to a large client’s need for forensic accounting, budgeting, budget and expenditure tracking, and reporting to its Board and Citizens’ Oversight Committee. This practice serves our clients with combined capital outlay budgets of nearly two billion dollars. In its history, the practice has accounted for several billion dollars of capital outlay expenditures.

 The Technology Practice started in 2002 in response to a client’s need for unbiased (i.e., non-vendor connected) third party consulting on its building technology systems. This practice supports our clients’ design and project management needs in the eight common low voltage systems and several other not-so-common found in modern facilities.


Office Locations


Headquarters Office:

1851 Heritage Lane, Suite 210

Sacramento, CA 95815

Ph. 916.553.4400


Bay Area Office:

495 Seaport Court, Suite 103

Redwood City, CA 94063

Ph. 650.737.4067



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