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Woodside Fire Protection District, San Mateo County

2017 - Current


Capital Program Management was selected by the Woodside Fire Protection District to be their Owner’s Representative to plan, manage, and oversee the implementation of their $40 million program which includes site selection/procurement, construction of an interim fire station, replacement of an existing fire station, and expansion/renovations to another station to bring all their facilities up to current standards.    

CPM’s work included implementation planning, condition assessments, budget development, feasibility studies for evaluation of existing and alternative sites, consultant selection and contract negotiations, project delivery selection, coordination with the Town of Woodside, Town of Portola Valley, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Planning and Building Departments for entitlements, conditional use permits (CUP), community meetings, public notifications, and CEQA compliance coordination.  In addition, CPM coordinated with the Foundation for Capital Campaign.  Since this program was being partially funded through a Capital Campaign, CPM coordinated the needs of the campaign, communication planning, and community outreach.  The following is a description of each of the projects managed by CPM:


  • Replacement of Station #7 – Existing station was outdated and did not meet the current code, worker’s safety, and Homeland Security requirements.  It was evaluated and confirmed to be more cost effective to replace rather than remodel and expand. The scope is to demolish the existing station with a much larger, state of the art facility.


  • Construction of Interim Station #7 – Since the lot size at Station 7 is relatively small for the size of the new station, it was determined that an interim fire station is required.  After a site selection process was implemented, it was determined that the best location for the temporary fire station would be at the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC).  SLAC is under Federal jurisdiction through the Department of Energy and has its own independent planning and building department.  CPM was able to work with the different agencies involved to deliver this project.

  • Remodel and Expansion of Station #8 - Existing station was outdated and did not meet current legal requirements.  It was evaluated and confirmed to be more cost effective to remodel and expand rather than replace.  The project scope includes an additional apparatus bay, additional bedrooms, and office space.  Also, to remodel the existing facility including ADA upgrades, additional parking, and site circulation. 

Woodside fire 1 (1).jpg
Project Renderings
Station 7 Replacement
WFPD Station 7.png
Station 8 Expansion
WFPD Station 8.png
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