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Vacaville Unified School District, Solano County

2001 - Current

CPM originally began working for the District in 2001 in preparation for a $196 million local new construction and modernization bond, Measure V.  CPM worked closely with the District to successfully complete a massive list of 57 projects that were completed on time and on budget, proving its success to it’s staff, students, and community at large.

The District once again chose CPM as their Program/Construction Manager for it’s Measure A Bond Program that was passed in November 2014 for $194M.  The District hired CPM to provide program and construction management services, including strategic planning, monitoring and tracking of program and project budgets, reporting to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee, developing/maintaining design standards and project management of design phase through bid and award.

CPM has managed various new construction and modernization projects for Measure A, a short list of some of those projects are highlighted below:

Name of Project & School:         

  • Elm Campus - ADA Improvement Project

  • Jepson MS - Modernization Project

  • Orchards ES - Paving Improvement Project

  • Sierra Vista K/8 - Inc. 1 - Campus Conversion Project

  • Sierra Vista K/8 - Inc.  2 - New MPB and Science Classroom Project

  • Sierra Vista K/8 - Inc. 3 - Admin./Library/Media Ctr. Modernization

  • Vacaville HS - Inc. 1 - Parking Lot & Tennis Court Improvement Project

  • Vacaville HS - Inc. 2 - New Classroom Building(s) Project

  • WC Wood HS - New Stadium Project

  • Vacaville HS - New Gymnasium Project 

  • District-Wide- Technology Upgrades

  • Markham ES- Improvements Project

  • District-Wide- Roof Replacement Projects

  • Buckingham Academy- Improvement Project

  • WC Wood HS Theater Improvements Project

With Measure A wrapping up, VUSD has chosen to continue working with CPM on non-bond facilities projects, including a preschool and early learning center projects, paving, roofing, and playground projects, and a $18.5M Central Kitchen project.

Measure A - Projects
Will C. Wood High School
New Stadium
Vacaville High School
New Classroom Buildings
New Vacaville High Classroom Buildings

New Vacaville High Classroom Buildings

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