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Las Lomitas Elementary School District

Current Projects

If you would like to get more information about how to participate in the construction of the upcoming modernization projects, please see the Bidding/Pre-Qualifications link in the menu.

La Entrada Modernization (June 2022- April 2024)

The LLESD Facilities Committee and subsequent reviews by the current implementation team have identified and prioritized many required safety, maintenance, and desired renovation items.  The scope was re-evaluated to reflect the District’s current needs and the project budget was updated to reflect the current market conditions. 

The buildings included in this scope are the oldest buildings on campus.  They were constructed in the 50’s and 60’s and consist of approximately 59,000 sf. The following renovation projects are included in the available funds for the La Entrada Middle School Modernization Project:


  • Structural Strengthening – Seismic upgrades.

  • Dry rot repairs

  • Replace roofing

  • Add and replace gutters, flashings, and downspouts

  • Replace some doors and door hardware

  • Window repairs and/or replacement

  • Exterior and interior paint

  • Replacement of wall and floor finishes

  • Teaching walls

  • Room identification and way finding

  • Construction of new outdoor classrooms with added doors and windows

  • New Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units and controls

  • Replacement of exterior and interior lighting with new LED lighting and controls

  • Increase number of electrical receptacle and power/data upgrades

  • Removal of surface mounted raceways during seismic upgrade where walls will be opened

  • All accessibility code (ADA) items in the areas of work will be included in scope

  • Any infrastructure replacement in the areas of work will be included in scope

  • IT & Low Voltage Systems

  • Data infrastructure (Cabling, MDF, IDF’s, Wi-Fi and Data Switches)

  • Technology requirements to meet educational needs

  • Low voltage systems (Security, Video Surveillance, Clock/Bell/Speaker, Fire Alarm, and Phone)

  • IT - Classroom technology integration, hardware, and switching/controls

  • Voice amplification

  • Teaching walls to include interactive smart displays for engaging instruction

  • Furniture and equipment


1011 Altschul Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

650.854.6311 Phone

Accessibility | Non-Discrimination | Title IX

Phasing Plan


Because the Contractor cannot take over the entire site, the construction is planned to be done in a “phased” manner (piece by piece). Extra temporary classrooms are being set up with all of the equipment and needs for normal class instruction. These classrooms will accommodate a portion of the student population so that construction can take place on a building or a group of buildings at a time. Prior to the beginning of a phase (building or group of buildings), the classroom and needed supplies will be moved out into one of the “temporary” classrooms. Once the modernization is completed in that phase, the classroom will be moved back in and the next phase will begin.


We have created a graphic that illustrates the phasing plan for this project, available to view here.

Updated Construction Schedule

A successful construction project requires a detailed plan that shows all of the different tasks that need to be done, how long they should take to complete and how they relate to each in sequencing. This is called the Construction Schedule. The construction schedule is not a static document. Sometimes it goes faster than anticipated and sometime it goes slower for many different reasons. As such, the Construction schedule gets continually updated to show the progress and project the complete.


During the course of construction some delays have been encountered due to the discovery of some mold and a rodent damage to some of the classrooms. All mold and rodent damage has been abated by a specialized contractor and certified clean by and Industrial Hygienist. There was also storm damage to one of the buildings due to a tree that fell from a neighbors yard.

Construction continues to progress at La Entrada. It has been a very productive summer with a lot of work completed.  Prior to start of school, the temporary construction fencing will be consolidated to provide safe separation from students and construction.  Since the office is under construction, a new temporary office has been set-up in the MUR across from the old office.

Over the summer break, the District had the entire campus tested by an Industrial Hygienist for airborne mold spores.  The test results indicated that they were all within normal range, which means there are not more spores inside than outside.   


For more information about the abatement, see the latest School Board meeting presentations.


You can see the current construction schedule here.

Current Progress:

- Phases 1, 2, 3 and 5 are complete.

- Phase 4 Construction (Wings 3 and 4)

- Wing 4 is complete.

- Wing 3 is to be completed on February 6th, 2024..

- Admin is complete except for a small access pony wall. 

- Library Restroom (Staff) is complete.

- Jensen Hall is to be completed around April 15th, 2024.



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